Comparative Anatomy

Bridges can be built when we look at our similarities, not our differences.

Overview of horse and human bones – the foundation

This illustration shows that each bone of the horse and human vertebrae. They are color coded to match from the atlas (C1 or cervical vertebrae number 1) to the caudal vertebrae (vertebrae forming the structure of the tail).

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Don’t Ever Let a Horse say ‘No’?

George Stubbs (1724 – 1806), Lion Attacking a Horse 1765, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

This lion is a symbol for anything that ‘devours’ a horse, mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually. In today’s world, horses often say ‘no’, but their communications are missed, misinterpreted and ignored.

I’ll never forget the words of a Natural Horsemanship trainer. ‘Don’t ever let your horse say ‘no’. They learn to defy you. They learn disrespect .’ Somehow, this didn’t resonate with me.

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Equine Motion Muscles


For all equine sports and disciplines, motion is a crucial element. We make big demands on how horses move, where they move, and how fast they move. Understanding the ‘equine motion muscles’ is valuable information for any horse person.

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Transformational Horse Power

Photo by Pixabay on

Please enjoy the following excerpt from “Legendary Hearts of Horses” by Adrienne Neary.

Horse ‘power’

Ever since horses were domesticated, they’ve helped people shape the world with their unconditional love, talent, creativity, empathy and willingness.
Regardless of whether we consider a horse a celebrated super star, a backyard pony, or horses of the distant past, the transformational power of horses – physical or non-physical – is a magical and under appreciated gift.

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Gentle Discipline, Gentle Training

Training means, ‘the process or routine of one who trains’, ‘the state of being trained’, ‘practical education in some profession, art, handicraft, or the like; instruction coupled with practice in the use of one’s powers: as, manual training; a sound business training. ~ The American Heritage Dictionary

We don’t seem to have any trouble agreeing on the meaning of the word..

But…we do have some baggage with ‘discipline’.

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Charlie’s Horse

the power of belief

Charlie didn’t know he didn’t know how to ride a horse. The thought never occurred to him. It only occurred to the adults in his life. For Charlie, things were simple; more than anything, five-year-old Charlie wanted to rope a wooden cow from a horse’s back. I agreed to give Charlie riding lessons, but I’m thinking I learned a lot more from him than he did from me.

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Power of Observation

Photo by Tatiana on

One day, a magnificent and very exciting dressage prospect plucked from a lush field in Europe somewhere arrived at a small humble farm in New England. He was five years old, ‘uncut’, surly, energetic, light on his feet and very proud.

It seemed he’d been left too long without human discipline and so, had become rather sure of himself. He didn’t like the things people were trying to adorn him with; things like halters, bridles, saddles and a certain behavioral protocol that would make him valuable, but this frail, partially deaf woman had a knack for recognizing brilliance. She’d make a phone call or two, and before you knew it, a new, absolutely gorgeous horse from overseas appeared.

At the time, I had no idea how she made her connections – literally and figuratively. All I knew, was that I used to ride her horses for her.

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