Transformational Horse Power

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Ever since they were domesticated, horses have helped people shape the world with their unconditional love, talent, creativity, empathy and willingness to participate. Regardless of whether we consider a horse a celebrated super star, a backyard pony, or horses of the distant past, the transformational power of horses – physical or non-physical – is a magical and under appreciated phenomenon.

Take a celebrated Thoroughbred like Zenyatta. She is one among so many incredible horses…

Zenyatta, always. Regardless.

With persistent and ever increasing power, Zenyatta propelled her massive body with tremendous, lengthened strides. She wasn’t running from predators, but instead, she was running under contrived conditions, fabricated by her human counterparts. Even so, every fiber of her being was invested; her mind, muscles, nerves and Heart. Given her Gifts, her understanding, her will-power and her generosity, it was inevitable. She would make this a serious contest of wits, wills and sheer determination.

She rounded the final turn and targeted the finish line, the close of her long and arduous trip, finally within grasp.

She had passed every horse but one; a brilliant colt named Blame who had acquired the lead with a relative ease; a clean start devoid of jostles and bumps, and a smooth glide on the inside track.

They grappled mercilessly, matching themselves stride for stride in the final stretch, each unwilling to yield to the other. Blame held on tenaciously, stretching his head across the wire first.

Zenyatta’s fans were stricken and stunned. It was as if they had been immobilized by an invisible, poisonous dart. Wishing the finish line was but a bit further in this 2010 Breeder’s Cup Classic, emotions burst forth, as fans and connections bore the terrible burden of shocking defeat. The energy of the entire broadcast seemed to be lackluster, seemingly held back by an impending doom; Zenyatta – America’s darling – falling short of a perfect record and a perfect ending to a Cinderella story.

Tears and moans filled the air as people grieved the loss of what was to be the most intense race Zenyatta had ever run. She vaporized a twenty length deficit to come within a nose of her twentieth victory (out of twenty races).

For Zenyatta, however, her countenance was unmarred and unscathed. She never prescribed to the fallacy of human whims, she merely conquered an imposed environment through strategic and synergistic alliance. She didn’t ‘lose’…she never lost. She felt undeniable love and honor all around her; without which, her achievements would have been a violation and a sham, recorded in some karmic or intangibly fateful way. She gave her all, even under severe challenges. We deeply knew that, and we deeply thanked her.

Zenyatta was and always will be her True Self. An ‘imaginary’ human W-L record, Hall of Fame this or that, Sports Illustrated stories, Oprah says, or whatever, can’t change a Soul like hers.

It’s important to understand, that for humans, reality is played out in a materialistic, subjective, good/bad, right/wrong world…for horses, Life is a comprehensive combination of physical and non-physical coherence that we still fail to comprehend. It simply isn’t measured on ‘human’ levels or on ‘human’ terms…but we still fail to recognize that, too.

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